Several years ago on one of our first trips to Disney I stumbled about what was then called "Downtown Disney".  While wandering from shop to shop I came upon a shop that made home made soaps.  The scents were wonderful, the bars colorful and the experience was fantastic.  Each year since that year I've ordered online from that store, paying 59 dollars a pound (around 3.70 for each oz. of soap. 

I am happy to say that 2016 will be the first year I no longer need to order that special soap, as our special soap maker extraordinaire, Pam Bowen has crafted some of the finest soaps I've ever experience.  The scents are rich and both, the lather fantastic, my skin doesn't get dried out like it does with other soaps and the designs are beautiful. 

I'm also happy to report that we won't be charging you $18.44 cents per bar of soap!  Through Pam's hard work and dedication we are able to pay substantially less and in doing so, are passing that savings onto you.  It is our promise that we will continue to do just that.  As we move more product and order more ingredients and save money... those saving will be passed onto you, our customers.  When we are able to get ingredients at a less expensive price, without sacrificing quality we will pass those savings on to you as discounts and special shipping rates.

For now we have to pay shipping, we just don't have enough mark up in our bars to do free shipping.  We charge you what we are charged with no mark up and no "handling" fees.  As we explore other shipping options as soon as a better one is discovered, those savings are coming your way.

I hope you also enjoy our expanded line of 100% soy wood wick candles. Our candles have a wonderful scent throw, both hot & cold. We also offer wonderful "break away" wax melts. These wax melts will fill your room with alluring scents of many kinds.

Our Bath Bombs are made with skin loving ingredients, such as cocoa butter, mango butter & Coconut oil.  Gently add one to your bath for a relaxing treat.

Thank you for your visit, your support and if you so choose, for your purchase !